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Flow Electronics (Pty) Ltd was founded by Peter Wolf in 1971. (the name” FLOW” was no coincidence, it simply came about by spelling “WOLF” backward).

The company’s early activities were the design and manufacture of specialized electronic equipment for the SA Defense force, SA Post Office, EFKA Electrical, etc., and for Gunson Sortex.  The latter being a South African subsidiary of the well-known U.K.-based company SORTEX (Ltd).  Sortex, at the time, was a leading supplier of electronic sorting machines. The product range of Sortex covered optical sorting machines for agricultural products, optical sorting machines for diamonds, etc., and adding to its product range, a newly developed x-ray diamond recovery machine.

It follows that Flow Electronics (Peter Wolf) was involved in x-ray diamond recovery technology since day one.  In other words, FLOW now has 50 years' experience in this field!  Wolf designed many electronic sorting machines during this time.  Sorters utilizing a variety of different physical properties of different products to be sorted, upgraded, separated, recovered, etc., such properties included; in the optical field, be it in the visual, IR, or UV spectrum, reflection, absorption, specula-reflection, color, refraction, backscatter, etc.  Radiometric properties, magnetic susceptibility, electric conductivity, x-ray spectrum analyses, x-ray / UV induced luminescence, IR absorption, and so on…

Over the years Wolf has designed and developed many different x-ray diamond recovery machines. Some 18 “sorting-related” patents stand to prove that I, for many years, played a leading role in electronic sorting!  In the mid 80’s FLOW ELECTRONICS became also a major player in the South African toll road industry.  To keep the two different sectors separate we split FLOW into a traffic section which retained the name FLOW ELECTRONICS (Pty) Ltd. and an electronic sorting company, appropriately named FLOW SORT (Pty) Ltd.  Today they are all together again! …In the diamond sorting business!

To summarize the above; when you deal with a FLOW company you deal with a proud 50-year-old family* business that has 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic sorting equipment.  (*Caroline Wolf has taken the business over from the “old-man”!)

Flow has not achieved its current status by spending money on advertising, marketing, and canvassing exhibitions but rather by designing and manufacturing top-quality products and providing uncompromising after-sales service.

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